Navbars with wml

A modification of the include file wml::des::navbar makes it possible to produce hierarchical navbars with slices for different languages.


The file navbar-FH.wml contains some motifications of wml::des::navbar that provide hierarchical navbars and support for internationalisation through the splice mechanism of wml. In addition, it is possible to generate the images for the buttons automatically.

navbar-FH.wml is based on the code from wml-1.6.8. Most of its functionality is now also available from the recent development version of the official navbars. If you dont need the image generation or the defaultlanguage attribute, you should consider using that version.

Oh, and before I forget...

Until now the only way to get rid of these onMouseOver-hints was to play with the filter:
     my ($mcode, $CFG, $select) = @_;
     $mcode =~ s/onMouse.*?".*?"//g;
     return $mcode;
This would also remove the JavaScript code for the image replacement. In my variant <navbar:render> has a new attribute nohints that will only turn the hints off.
Florian Hars <>, 2007-10-15 (orig: 1998-08-16)